Systems Monitoring

Do you have a Systems Monitoring service checking in on your servers, your internet service, your cloud systems, your power and security infrastructure?

Systems Monitoring is not just for checking on systems and alerting you when a problem occurs. It also helps you keep your service providers accountable to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that they are contracted to.

Have you suffered a technology outage that has impacted your business? Would it have been possible to minimize the impact if you detected it when it occurred?

There are many reasons that can cause systems to go down and become unresponsive. We know it’s vitally important to ensure this doesn’t happen. But if they do go down stop running or become unresponsive, you need to be aware so you can take corrective action immediately.

systems monitoring using traceroute of the path data takes to get to it's destination
traceroute is a great tool to see how data gets from your network to the destination

If you said yes to any of these you could benefit from our Systems Monitoring services.

Testing Network Connectivity

It’s important to use an external service to test connectivity to your network. This will inform you if your site is reachable from the outside. Often businesses are unaware that their email server stopped receiving email, because internally their email server is still accessible. It may be hours before the problem is discovered which could result in a lost business opportunity. In addition we can also monitor cloud service availability such as OneDrive or Office365 email.

testing network connectivity to
Pings are a simple way to check to see if a system is online and to indicate if there are connectivity issues

Impact to Business

Outages happen, but there are ways to minimize the impact to your business when they occur. For example, if your internet service goes down in the evening, corrective action can be taken before the outage affects staff in the morning. Have you ever had to send staff home because of an outage? Knowing hours before they arrive to work gives you at least a chance to avoid a day of lost productivity. Outages like this always result in real productivity losses, and they are almost always correctable before this happens.

Tracking outage occurrences and duration

Systems Monitoring internet outage
Internet service outage starting at 4:40am until 9:05am

If you can’t track outages over time, you won’t be able to prove that your service provider is providing value. It’s important for compensation to prove that your service provider is not offering you good service. Especially if you have a service level agreement (SLA). In addition, you can show history and make decisions whether to change service providers. If you don’t track this information, you can only anecdotally conclude the service is good or bad.

Automatically take corrective action

We also offer the ability to take corrective action on systems that we monitor. This can take the form of a service restart, system reboot, wake-on-lan or other activity.

We use tools such as Nagios and Zabbix to perform our checks, take corrective action, track history and notify when outages occur.

If your company is suffering from technology service outages, if your company needs to know when it’s systems are available and if your company has SLAs with your service providers please reach out, we’re here to help.

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