Shared Data Storage

Working on a project that requires you to share files between colleagues, clients or teammates without investing a huge amount of time or resources? Do you have an old file server that you are thinking about replacing? Our shared data storage program is flexible and provides:

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  • Online cloud file sharing storage space
  • Customized instructions for your needs to easily allow you to set up all your devices.
  • Phone in technical support
  • One or more accounts
  • Encrypted data connections
  • Windows file sharing and drive mapping supported
  • Fixed, consistent budget-able rates for the amount of data storage you need
  • Only pay for space used, not data transferred

Shared data storage – it’s about collaboration and efficiently enabling data and file sharing between devices and people. We’re here to work with you to set up a solution that makes sense.

The standard plan includes:

  • 1 storage account
  • TLS 1.3 in-transit encrypted WebDAV accessible storage space
  • Data Storage and Quota based on your selected plan
  • Instructions on how to get started
  • Technical support
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