We know photographers didn’t get into photography because they like spending hours on their computers. Let us help you balance your time. Our solution is a simple but powerful suite of tools and services designed to simplify your workflow and take your photography business to the next level.

Do you find yourself mired in megabytes instead of fulfilling your passion? Do you love to help your customers see how truly beautiful they are? We can help.

Whether your doing landscape, portrait, wedding or boudoir photography, if you are doing it professionally you need to maximize the time you spend producing great work and minimize the time you’re dealing with administrative tasks such as where to store your data, how to back it up, how to test your backups, what program to use for virtual meetings and how to keep your appointments straight.

Let us help you consolidate your technology between your existing multiple providers, all under one product so you can get back to producing high quality content for your customers. Wouldn’t you rather be shooting after all?

Our solution is designed to help address the many challenges photographers have with data management, data storage, software licensing, customer communication and distribution of work. Here are a few ways it will help your photography business:

Easy file sharing

Our cloud service allows photographers to share their work with their customers via email, social media and shared download links. This ensures that your work gets to your customers as soon as possible either for proofs or after processing. Ultimately getting your product into your customers hands faster will speed up your workflow, which ensures faster payment, more satisfied customers and more paying jobs.

You can distribute your digital photos to your clients easily within the same tool set. In addition you can revoke access, password protect the files, expire the sharing, set a note to your customer etc.

Instead of emailing files back and forth, running into email size limits or spam filters, you can easily provide your customers with a secure link to the finished product.

In addition to the digital products, this is a great way to distribute files such as model release, contract and invoice forms.

If digital prints are part of your product offering and you want to more easily keep track of your files and share them, this is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

On location uploads

There is a provided Android and iOS app to allow you to upload your work rapidly to the cloud.

This helps by:

  • Transferring those images to your cloud workspace while you are on location shooting.
  • Providing your clients an immediate proof prior to delivery
  • Backing up while on location by uploading the second copy of your images in the event a memory card goes bad or your camera is lost off your kayak or stolen.
  • Enables you to share image previews with your customers within minutes of actually taking them with your DSLR or mirrorless camera.
  • While traveling it gives you much more storage in the event you run out of space. You’ll be able to empty your memory cards and keep shooting.

Backup and restore files

Don’t like the edit? accidentally delete a file? The cloud backup and folder synchronization tool protects you from the “oops” moments. In addition if you are familiar with OneDrive or Dropbox, you’ll feel at home with similar functionality that gives you the ability to synchronize your computer, network storage, and mobile device storage with your cloud space.

Folder synchronization apps are provided for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Synchronize your on premises NAS as well.

Stay organized

Use the built in calendar cloud app to stay organized. Keep your booking straight to ensure you’re never late for an appointment. Synchronize your cloud calendar with your phone and computer calendar applications. Are you challenged by the number of calendar applications you have to keep track of? It seems like each device has their own built in. Let us consolidate those calendars to reduce your stress and simplify your day.

Conference with customers virtually

Facilitate virtual video conferences and screen sharing to give your customers proofs, provide previews, ask for feedback and deliver your digital work. Screen sharing, chat and video are built in so you can virtually meet with your customers.

Simple, single low monthly payment

We provide the product hosting, service and support of the Nextcloud software in addition to email, website and file upload space in a bundled package for one low monthly fee.

All businesses aren’t created equally, so we want to work with you to ensure you’re getting the services you need for a fee that makes sense. To keep your costs low, we do not bundle in more applications and services than you really need. But should you want them we certainly are here to help!

Simplify and consolidate

Are you paying for Dropbox, Zoom, Office/Teams, email, website hosting etc. etc.? Consolidate your services with Exomeridian today! Our service bundle is simpler, easier to use and more cost effective. Take more jobs and spend less time organizing and distributing your work. Lets get started today!