Personal Cloud Data Storage

Cloud storage for your memories

Your wedding, graduation or child’s birth. These are those amazing memories that only come around once in a lifetime. Protect those memories from physical harm by keeping a backup of your digital archive in an offsite backup in the cloud. We offer affordable plans for data backup storage so you can rest easy knowing that your memories are forever protected.

Data share between devices

Do you have an iPhone and your spouse is rocking an Android device? Do your children have Chromebooks and iPads? Sharing data between them can be challenging. With the cloud shared storage plans you can attach all your devices to a single storage library and have access to those files and photos/video wherever you are, whenever you like.

Frequent travelers

Are you a photographer and shoot on-location? Are you a travel blogger? Do you need to ensure your drone footage is protected? There is nothing worse than loosing your hard work due to file corruption, theft or water damage. Having a place to instantly upload your videos and photos to from the road or your hotel no matter where you are means that you always have a second copy. Save your data from airports loosing your luggage with your hard drives in them, or security scanners wiping out your SD cards. A little bit of cloud backup storage insurance goes a long way.

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