Mouse Problems

The venerable mouse. It’s been around the computer scene for decades and is still the preferred go-to pointing device. Many devices like the touch pad, touchscreen, stylus, Lenovo’s red nub, and the trackball have their place, but nothing truly feels as good as a ergonomic mouse. So what do you do when it malfunctions? What is the most common and easiest way to fix your mouse problems? Read on!

Lenovo laptops have a trackpad and a red nub joystick for moving the mouse pointer.

When a mouse works, it’s a great tool. However, often mice can be temperamental and can cause problems at the worst of times. So lets be proactive and once-in-a-while do some preventative maintenance.

We used to think that laser mice don’t suffer from the same problems as the old ball mice, but that’s not the case.

Tip #1: Your battery may be getting low.

If you notice your mouse suddenly stops or jumps when using it, quite simply change the battery if you have not done so in a month of reasonable use. Bluetooth mice use more battery power than those with a USB dongle but they both will give you problems if the battery is low. Simply change the battery and often this will fix the problem.

Tip #2: Get closer to your computer.

This applies to point #1 above. Low batteries reduce mouse range so get closer to improve your mouse’s responsiveness. Often computers are beside the workspace where the mouse will be used, but not always. Try not to bury your computer under a desk, behind a bunch of office papers and bring that computer out in the open. Not only will it improve cooling for the computer but your wireless peripherals may work better too!

Tip #3: Don’t use the microwave while trying to use a wireless mouse.

This is not as big of a problem today, but in the past wireless devices (WiFi specifically) would cut out when high powered kitchen microwaves were in use. Avoid working beside these types of appliances and your experience will be better.

Tip #4: Your mouse may need cleaning.

All mice need cleaning. Hand cremes, oils and dirt get clogged inside them from days and months of use. Eventually, buttons stick, mouse wheel movement doesn’t register and they just look gross! Clean the mouse, and sanitize it from time to time and it’ll work just great for you!

Check out our how-to clean my mouse article for more information.

Tip #5: Update and reboot your computer once-in-a-while.

Mouse drivers get updated occasionally, and if that happens in the background, you may find that your mouse stops working. Simply restart your computer and your problems should go away.

That’s it, I hope you liked our top 5 tips on how to fix your malfunctioning mouse. While these may not fix all your mouse problems, they are simple to try and often will fix them. If you liked this page please share it with your friends, maybe they need some mouse tips too!

Hopefully these tips can help you get your mouse working optimally again!

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