Managed Backup

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Are you worried about ransomware and viruses? Do you have several computers that need to be backed up? Do you want peace of mind knowing your backups are verified, monitored and will be there when you need them? Don’t have the time to do this yourself?

Our managed backup services might be the answer. With our Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) program, we can take care of backing up your data so you can get back to doing what you do.

Backups don’t protect your data; they protect your business by ensuring you can recover your data. Backups are the last line of defense you have for situations such as fire, flood, equipment failure, ransomware or virus outbreaks, and accidental data deletion.

For a simple, low monthly rate we’ll look after the software, hardware, storage, monitoring and restoration of files so you can sleep easy knowing this headache and worry has been looked after.

BaaS services include:

  1. Backup Software for your office computers
  2. Onsite Network Attached Storage device
  3. Regular Monitoring and Alerting
  4. Backup Testing
  5. Offsite Cloud Storage for Backups

Managed backup services are designed to give you several validated, tested, point in time restore options for your data so that regardless of the situation you can get the file back you need.

Managed Backup Advantages

It takes time and effort to ensure your data is protected.

  1. You’ve got to check the backups to make sure they are occurring.
  2. You have to regularly update the backup data set to make sure you are backing up the information critical to your business.
  3. You need to know what to backup and nothing more as cloud backup costs can be expensive.
  4. You must regularly test your backups to make sure they’ll work when they are needed. Successful backups do not mean that recovery is possible.
  5. You’ve got infrastructure to invest in to store and secure the backups. Don’t rely on a cloud backup provider – it takes a very long time to pull down data from the cloud on a slow internet service. Having cloud backups is great until you need to restore a terabyte of data! You really need a copy of all that data stored locally also.

The best part of a managed backup solution is that you have experts looking after this behind the scenes so you’re not spending your time scrambling around trying to monitor and maintain backup sets.

Managed backup solutions are often simple for small offices. For larger companies solutions are usually more complex and customized. Lets meet and evaluate your business needs to develop a plan.

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