How To: Clean my Mouse

Every so often you’ll need to disassemble and clean your mouse. Here’s a quick 10 minute disassemble, clean and reassemble process that could correct many common problems you could have with your mouse. These can include sticky buttons, or button presses that don’t register all the way to mouse wheels that don’t scroll. So before you throw it in the garbage, give a good cleaning a chance.

We’re going to disassemble a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1850. It’s a very affordable (cheap) wireless laser mouse that is functional, but not fancy.

Microsoft 1850 mouse
A Microsoft 1850 mouse. Simple, basic and affordable.

Clean the workspace

Clean off your workspace and organize your tools. Having a clean space means you’ll not be as likely to loose the small parts in your mouse.

Gather your tools

For this job you’ll need a plastic pry tool, a small T6 screwdriver, a cleaning wipe and some compressed air.

Remove the battery

Start by removing the mouse battery. Pop the back battery cover off and take the battery out.

Back view of the Microsoft 1850 Mouse.
Remove the battery cover.
Back view of the Microsoft 1850 Mouse.
Remove the battery.

Pop off the plastic button cover. This is the most difficult part of the process. Use your plastic pry tool and start at the buttons working your way around the mouse cover until you’ve separated the top plastic from the middle layer. Ensure you use a plastic pry tool. If you use a metal tool you’ll damage the plastic parts.

Middle view of the Microsoft 1850 Mouse.
Once you’ve removed the button cover carefully your mouse will look like this.

Remove the three screws

Middle view of the Microsoft 1850 Mouse.
Remove the three screws as marked in green. These are T6 size

Pop out the plastic center piece and inspect for dirt and dust. If you find any go ahead with the compressed air and clean.

Disassembled view of the Microsoft 1850 Mouse.
Inspect the inside for dust and dirt. Pay particular attention to the mouse wheel and buttons.

Reassemble, using the reverse method. Use your sanitizing wipes on the plastic surfaces to give the mouse a good cleaning and to get all the built up grime out of the crevasses.

Put the battery back in the mouse and test it. Hopefully all is well and your mouse is ready to use once again.

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