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Cloud Data storage for businesses without the complexity of on premises infrastructure

Data storage for your business

Have you been told you need a complex server and expensive infrastructure to share some files between employees while they are working remotely? Are you looking at your cloud services invoices in surprise each month? We can help you address these issues with our reliable, secure data storage for business services. It is simple to use, doesn’t require a technician to set up and is cost effective with easy to understand invoicing. Skip the aggravation and monthly surprises and contact us today!

Cloud business data storage requirements for content creators like photographers

Data storage for today’s economy

Are you a YouTube star, a budding photographer, videographer, or a drone pilot? Are you creating terabytes of data and don’t have an offsite place to store it? We can help you solve this problem. Let us manage all the data storage technology while you get to work creating content. Don’t sink thousands of dollars and hours of time into data storage solutions before you give us a call.

Network Storage Backups -> Switch stack

Network storage backups

Businesses use Servers and Network Attached Storage devices (NAS) to provide file sharing and on premises data backup services to their staff. This is a great start but many businesses don’t plan for that burst sprinkler head. Building disasters are uncommon but they happen and they can be very difficult and expensive to recover from. Preventing these situations isn’t always possible, but you can prepare for them ahead of time. Preparation includes a good backup plan that incorporates a second, offsite copy of your data. Don’t be concerned about loosing your data and let us help you prepare for the unexpected.

php website, ssl, database, dns and email hosting

Website and email hosting

We offer an amazing bundle of cloud hosting services for a simple monthly fee. This includes: email accounts with storage, website hosting and site database hosting, SSL certificates, and domain name hosting. Put your website designer in contact with us and let us look after all your online business needs. And best of all your support team is just a call away.

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