Cloud Data Services

Cloud data services and file sharing, collaboration between multiple devices and teammates.

Seamless Cloud File Sharing

How does simple, secure and flexible file sharing sound to you? With our cloud data services, we can easily connect you and your team to your data wherever you are. Our solutions allow you to share files between all of your connected devices including Android/iOS mobile devices, Mac and Windows PCs. Best of all, we can do this for one low monthly fee.

offsite cloud backup storage for data while working remotely

Offsite Cloud Backup Storage

Easy to use, secure cloud storage for backups. That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Our solution doesn’t require you to swap USB drives or invest in expensive equipment and licensing. You don’t need to be a cloud subscription expert or a guru of cloud services agreements. It’s as easy as picking a storage plan and setting up your backup software. Sleep easy knowing your critical files are protected and backed up offsite.

our cloud data services also include business hosting solutions

Business Hosting Solutions

Are you looking for local, cost-effective website, email and DNS hosting options? Are you challenged by the array of cloud companies and pricing out there? Do you want to talk to a real person, in person? Our customized cloud data services might be for you. Have your website designer or IT team connect with us and we’ll do the heavy lifting to get you set up with your own domain, email accounts and website space.

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