Backup Storage

Online or offsite backup storage is vital to ensuring that your irreplaceable data is protected from ransomware and viruses, accidental deletion, or major equipment failures and building disasters.

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We offer cloud backup storage space that will fit your offsite and second-copy storage requirements. Our online backup storage works for simple file copy backups, built-in Windows 10 backup program and freely available programs like Duplicati, WinSCP, or other more advanced products such as Acronis and Veeam.

Almost all backup software has multiple ways to connect to networked storage. Our solution uses this capability to allow you to seamlessly add offsite backup capability to protect your data should a disaster occur.

Commercially available Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices such as Synology, QNAP and Netgear have a built in or add-on apps that synchronize with your offsite backup storage space. This gives you the best of both worlds: a local and remote copy of your backups.

All our storage services offerings include:

  • Customized instructions for your needs to easily allow you to set up all your devices.
  • Free phone in technical support
  • One or more accounts
  • Encrypted in-transit data connections using TLS 1.3 over WebDAV.
  • Dedicated IPSEC VPN Tunnels to support a wide variety of backup applications using:
    • SMB3 and RSYNC
  • FTPS is available, contact us for more information.
  • Fixed rates for the amount of data storage you need
  • Only pay for data stored, not data transferred

The standard plan includes:

  • 1 storage account
  • TLS 1.3 in-transit encrypted WebDAV accessible space
  • Data Storage and Quota based on your selected plan
  • Instructions on how to get started

We also offer Managed Backup services for businesses which includes equipment, cloud storage, monitoring and support.

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