Authors and Editors

Are you an aspiring Author? Do you spend your days considering when to use the oxford comma? Lets work together to get you an amazing website, hosted email and file storage so you can focus on your next project. We work closely with authors, editors, copy editors and proofreaders and we can customize our offering for your needs.


We can help you connect with your clients by providing website and email hosting. We are able to customize your website with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration, web forms and landing pages. In addition we offer email hosting so that you can get rid of that “” email address.

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Having a personalized email address is a strong way to reinforce your brand and get noticed.

Editors and copyeditors

Do you cringe every time you see two spaces after punctuation? We understand! We can provide you with secure communications and file storage so that your clients can collaborate with you easily. Is your email encrypted? is your data secure at rest and in transit? Whether you’re working with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or prefer to do your editing in a text editor your files are backed up and secured. Best of all you can chose the tool that you want to use, you’re not stuck with a proprietary platform.

De-stress from technology

We know you like your comforts. A hot cup of coffee, a cozy blanket and a patio sunset view overlooking the pacific. These things get the creative juices flowing, but they thankfully often mean minimizing distractions and disconnecting from the world. We can help you do this with software that doesn’t require always-on cloud connectivity.

Alternatively if you thrive on the hustle and bustle of the city, of always-on and are a social media butterfly, we can help with that too! With our cloud hosted file services you can work on your project on your mobile phone while riding the bus, and seamlessly switch over to your laptop when you get to the office or home.

“A quick five minutes can sometimes lead to hours of lost writing time. One of the pieces of advice I’d give on technology is to find work what works for your personality and natural writing styles, and then use it.

“But authors can sometimes fall into the trap of trying everything in the hope that it will be the magic piece, which really just turns into another distraction.”

Add-on Services

In addition, we have an in-house editor/copy editor and proofreader. If your editor is busy and you’ve got a deadline on your novel, or you need some help with that newsletter or you need a review of that new web page or blog post we can help.

Please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help.

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