About Us

A little bit about us, where to start? Our world has changed in the last decade and access to information across platforms and devices while protecting privacy has never been more important.

About us: grass roots collaborative small business team working together

We’ve created a grass roots cloud managed storage solution for people, families, teams and collaborators to backup their data and share it. We do this affordably, securely, and in a way that anyone can use and set up. And we know there is a gap in the ability for the average small business owner or entrepreneur, family member or teammate, to pass documents between devices. Our team believes in privacy and we don’t think you should have to give that up to use online services.

About Us: Private door sign representing data ownership

Many dominant cloud solutions are truly amazing, with hundreds of features. But many of these solutions involve giving up some of your privacy in exchange for low or no fees. Your data and your activity becomes the product. And once you place that information out there, you give up some control. Has your data been deleted or does it reside in a backup somewhere? Was your data scraped for content to train AI? Or did your provider give a third party access to it without your consent? We don’t crawl through data to train AI here, and we’re not offering free ad-supported options that force you to give up your privacy. You are not our “product”.

Our options are simple, straightforward and easy to set up. You get the ability to transfer. copy, paste and move your files around between devices. We do this by centralizing the storage of that data on our servers using industry standard, secure, tried-and-tested software and equipment. Your data is stored in Canada and is available to you whenever you want.

A bit more about us: we’re a small grassroots, home grown company. And we recognize that you want to be able to take advantage of a strong relationship with your service provider. You need to know that you can get the support you need, when you need it from your service provider. And you want to be able to approach your service provider for advice and support when you have custom requirements. At Exomeridian, you are more than just an account number, you are an individual, an entrepreneur, a team member and a valued client. Let us help you. Its your data, its your solution.

Does this sound good to you? Lets get started today!